Branded Content

Resource offers branded content across print, digital and social platforms. This content marketing is produced and implemented by Resource's in-house creative team. The concept and direction of this content is determined beforehand through a pre-production briefing, where we work with our clients to leverage our editorial voice to integrate brand messaging into creative content.

Elevate Your Brand

The key to a successful branded content campaign is a unique soft-sell approach, offering our readers valuable perspectives, insight, and awareness surrounding a company or product. These services are designed to convey the genuine value behind a brand from an editorial angle. Through this approach, you won't just gain numbers. You will gain influence. 

Branded Blog Post

Branded Blog Posts are written by Resource writers and published on where they run in perpetuity. These articles generally fall between 500-700 words with 7-10 images and links to company websites or pages. Each blog post also includes social media promotions and newsletter placement to boost the performance of the content. 

Price: $1,500


Advertorials appear in Resource Magazine's quarterly print publication as single or double-page spreads and range from 500-1000 words. This content is written and designed by Resource, providing readers with an original, in-depth angle that promotes the client's message. Company logos are also visible in the design. 

Price: $5,000 (Single Page)
Price: $9,000 (Double Page)


Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories use the app's Story feature to promote original branded video content. These videos are often narrative and casually produced to instill authenticity behind a company or product. In most cases, they are between 45 seconds to 1 minute long, structured as a sequence of 15 second clips—and each story is visible for 24 hours, creating a sense of urgency for viewership. Relevant product names, hashtags, and a link to the company's Instagram profile are included as well. 

Price: $1,200

Instagram Lifestyle Posts

Instagram Lifestyle Posts are posted to the @ResourceMag Instagram account and bring a modern, subtle tone to the advertised product or service. This visual content is produced in-house, ranging from product shots to casual everyday usage—and the captions always mention and hashtag the affiliated company. 

Price: $1,000