Digital Advertising

Resource offers a variety of digital advertising options, designed for fast results that can be monitored and optimized for the duration of a campaign. This includes site banners with competitive CPMs (cost per thousand impressions), social media blasts, and weekly newsletter placements. If you're looking for a reliable and consistent web presence for your company, product or service, we can make that happen—and also provide detailed performance reports along the way.

Impressions, Clicks and Conversions

The premise of effective digital advertising is to get as many eyes on your ad as possible, then use that data to optimize the remaining campaign. We often see the best results when clients provide alternate versions of their artwork, so we can draw data-driven conclusions on what resonates best with our readers. Our system is also equipped to display a handful of media, including static image banners, JavaScript, HTML5 animation, and more, visible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. 


The Leaderboard placement is the most prominent ad slot we offer, positioned to the right of our logo at the very top of our site. It can also be seen from every post and page on Resource.

Price: $25 CPM

Sidebar 1 and 2.jpg

Sidebar Medium Rectangle 

These banners have always been a staple of our sidebar, situated between our featured articles and Skyscraper. They can be viewed from every post and page on Resource, and a great slot for rotating artwork.

Price: $16 CPM

newsletter ad.jpg

Newsletter Banner Ad

Our weekly newsletter hosts image banners with click through links. With a growing list of opt-in subscribers, this guarantees impressions on your banner while flat-rate pricing makes it a reliable option for long-term campaigns. 

Price: $500


This is the largest ad slot on Resource—an excellent placement for making your artwork pop. It's viewable on every post and page, and ideal for rich media creatives such as animations or GIFs. 

Price: $18 CPM

Newsletter Large Post 

Large Posts in our newsletter are best reserved for editorial-driven content, whether a branded blog post on Resource or sourced from your own site. This includes an image, catchy title and description, as well as appropriate linking and social media sharing buttons.

Price: $650

Social Media

Social media is the most expansive marketing tool the internet has ever seen. Resource offers advertising options to help companies tap into our thriving social network of creators and the people they inspire. If you're interested in social media advertising, we also suggest checking out our branded content services.


Facebook Post

The beauty of Facebook is that everyone uses it. What's more, is that we can target your content to reach the most desirable facets of our audience. We also recommend allocating a budget toward "Boosting" your post to reach more people.

Price: $250


Twitter Post

A lot can be said in 140 characters—and Twitter is a great place to share news, happenings, and other updates for your company or product. Although we do suggest an allocated budget for "Boosted" promotions, we are able to optimize Tweets to attract social engagements or website clicks, depending on what you're after. 

Price: $150

Instagram Post

Instagram is our fastest-growing platform, gaining more than 100 new followers each day. This is the ideal platform for visual content, and although the app doesn't allow linking, it's an outstanding way to drive consumers and followers to your own IG account. 

Price: $300

Social Post Package

Repeat marketing is the most effective on social media, and working cross-platform is highly recommended. This package gives you the run of our main three networks—Facebook, Instagram and Twitter—and includes three posts on each platform at a pre-determined frequency.

Price: $2,000