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Resource Magazine is a quarterly publication built on the world of social media influencers, photographers, videographers, vloggers; everyone immersed in the creative lifestyle. Resource's editorials give readers an exclusive look at the world's most innovative content creators and celebrity talent, encompassed by the highest standard of original imagery and visual content. 

Our Readers

Resource's readers are skilled creators, whether just starting out or at the height of their careers. They are educated, tech-savvy, and consumers of top of the line photography equipment and cutting-edge lifestyle products. 

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Unique Distribution

Resource Magazine is distributed primarily in the U.S. and Canada. The magazine is sold in Barnes & Noble, newsstands and subscriptions can be purchased online. It's also available for free in major photo studios, prop houses, and EQ rental facilities, placing it directly in the hands of like-minded creatives. 

Product Editorials

Resource Magazine is highly appealing to the tech world; each issue contains a product section featuring original photography and reviews of the latest gear and creative lifestyle products. 

Cutting-Edge Creative Team

Resource Magazine is created by a team of talented photographers, designers, writers, and magazine-makers. They are experts at taking ideas from concept to publication, and bringing the impossible to life. 

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